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Features of The Soccer Academy

Age Specific Coaching

Different batches for kids U5 U7 U9 U11 U13, Women's batches, Working men batches are available in The Soccer Academy

Flexible Timings

Weekday evenings for kids, mornings for women and late evenings for men


Kids participating inter district tournament and men/women in corporate tournaments

Coaching Beginners

The first and most important step when ‘COACHING’ the youngest kids is to take the word ‘COACH’ out of mind. The most important job for TSA coaches is to recreate a street football environment, to be an organizer of fun football-related practices and Let Them Play! This approach, where they can ‘DISCOVER’ how the game works in a natural way, is the right one for the beginners.

Ultimate Coaching Approach

Players at TSA are coached to always play football by ’PERCEIVING-DECIDING-EXECUTING, and keeping the relevance to the ‘Big Picture always apparent. TSA Coaches make this happen by designing training exercises with game-specific resistances And manipulating them according to the demands of training objectives.

What Does Future Look Like?

  • The football of the past we must respect
  • The football of today we must study
  • The football of the future we must anticipate



Become a part of our team and be like your favorite football stars.

Professional Coaches

We have a talent panel of coaches
Riyaz Razi
Riyaz Razi
Gaurav Wagh
Gaurav Wagh
Ashrafali Makandar
Ashrafali Makandar
Arbaz Khan
Arbaz Khan

The Soccer Academy is simply the best. My 4 year old totally love it. They look forward to their soccer classes. The coaches are so good with kids, its unbelievable. They really know how to engage kids in different activities which are fun.

Parent, Kanupriya Agarwal

You will see a clear difference. Coaches behave as coach and not as a Businessman. Highly professional approach.

Parent, Manish Anand

Wonderful coaches. Superb coaching methods. Focused and Persevering. Head and heart in the right place. Moreover, kids never want to miss a day of coaching. They love it and live for it!

Parent, Mallika Ravikumar

The coaches at The Soccer Academy are highly conscientious and zestful. Every kid is groomed with his or her own personal skill on-field.

Parent, Shveta Jain

The Soccer Academy has played a special part in the development of my 5 Year Old. Special thanks to the mentors Sajjad and Riyaz for bringing the passion and love for football in him. Definitely recommend TSA United if you looking for good mentoring and easy understanding of football for your kid to learn and enjoy at the same time.

Parent, Rita Singh Rane
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